Construction CRM Software

Increase profits by up to 100% by capturing more leads

Customer relationship management software helps construction companies maintain strong connections with their clients throughout every stage of the project. Learn how a CRM for construction brings in more sales, keeps clients engaged and boosts profits.

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How Buildertrend’s construction CRM software can double your sales

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Construction CRM software can double sales by streamlining data to better plan, track and manage projects. Instead of manually matching data from different systems meant to tackle small parts of your business, construction CRM software does it all. That means you’re working from the same, trusted data throughout the construction process – starting with sales, through estimating and budgeting, into project management and closeout.

The Bridge Group Construction exemplifies how a smart CRM can impact the entire building journey. By tracking sales, activating jobs, managing projects, budgeting and tying accounting work together, CRM software helps run the entire business.

Bridge Group Construction

“It’s not just a CRM that’s bolted onto something else. I can track my sales, push them over to jobs, manage the projects, budget it and tie to accounting. It’s the sales tool’s ability to integrate with the things that make my business run day to day. Take away one of those steps and I would need another system.”

Lucas McCurdy

Founder and Owner of The Bridge Group Construction

Buildertrend’s CRM by the numbers


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with CRM software.


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software per year.


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with Buildertrend’s CRM.

What Buildertrend’s construction CRM software does best

Buildertrend’s CRM software was built with construction companies in mind. Each tool within the CRM was designed to help home builders attract, nurture and close new leads – whether it’s from the office desktop or on the go with the Buildertrend app.

Buildertrend featureWhat it does
CRM hubYour one-stop-shop for creating, capturing and tracking all leads.
ProposalsDraft up contracts on the spot and collect electronic signatures for quick deal closing.
Email MarketingBuild and automate email campaigns to keep leads engaged throughout the sales cycle.
Communication toolsBuild and automate email campaigns to keep leads engaged throughout the sales cycle. Once you’ve closed the deal, keep clients in the loop of their project with the Customer Portal.

Why choose Buildertrend’s CRM software?

Choosing Buildertrend’s construction CRM software gives you access to the following best-in-class features:

A CRM hub for more organized documentation

This acts as the place to create, capture and close all prospects.

With Buildertrend’s CRM hub, you can document leads in a more organized way. Then, convert sales to active jobs faster, without missing opportunities along the way. Use insights to better focus your lead generation spend to save money with attracting new clients.

Empowering your business with options, Buildertrend offers four different ways to add leads to our platform. Just pick the method that best suits your team.

  • Manual entry on desktop
  • Import from an Excel file
  • Input on the go through the mobile app
  • Automatic filtering from online contact form

Once a lead is added, you can maintain the details to show your confidence in the sale, projected sale date, who the salesperson is and more.

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Online proposals to give clients a better experience

Save time during the sales process with templated, customizable proposals. Designed to lead to more closed deals, Buildertrend’s Proposal feature reduces confusion from home buyers and creates a strong foundation for your estimating and budgeting processes later on in a project.

Each contract in our system will have the important boilerplate and legal language, and you can create multiple proposal templates for your team to use.

The streamlining continues when you consider the fact that pre-sales has gone digital in Buildertrend. Printed proposals? Not anymore. Instead of meeting with a client then racing to draft a proposal, quickly produce one right on the spot. You can even collect electronic signatures to keep things moving and get to the job itself.

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Email Marketing to keep clients engaged

Use email marketing to gain new clients. Easily create and automate email campaigns that build interest, responses and future business.

Push notifications can be sent to your phone the moment a lead responds, too.

That means you can reply quick to further show potential customers just how on top of everything you truly are.

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Communication tools to keep clients informed

After the sales process is over, Buildertrend’s CRM software nurtures the relationships you’ve created by giving clients a way to access information, ask questions and stay involved in the building process. 

With Buildertrend’s Customer Portal, homeowners can access their project online or from their phone. They can easily communicate and track job progress so they’re kept in the loop every step of the way.

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The benefits of Buildertrend’s CRM software

Buildertrend’s CRM software offers a trusted solution to support management of clients, subs, suppliers and other external contractors. Home builders and remodelers can expect to see:

  • Organized lead documentation
  • Faster sign-ups
  • Focused lead dollars
  • Fewer lost jobs
  • Predictability for clients

Home builder CRM software benefits

The main benefit of Buildertrend’s CRM software is its ability to focus on the right opportunities, win more jobs and launch sales into active projects – fast. It also helps construction companies make smarter decisions that can lead to efficiency savings by only maintaining one system. Buildertrend’s CRM software supports growth in revenue for construction companies.

Home buyer CRM software benefits

Using Buildertrend’s CRM software, clients can access project details on the app using their own smartphone, tablet or operating system. This way, clients can easily ask questions, request changes and submit signatures faster.

Subcontractor CRM software benefits

Construction CRMs track touchpoints between your construction business and your subcontractors. Use this information to build stronger relationships, get timely feedback and monitor the status of work being done outside your direct team.

Buildertrend – more than a CRM solution

With Buildertrend, you’re getting more than just the ability to improve lead management. Built specifically for construction pros, the platform gives you the tools needed to simplify project planning from start to finish, run job sites more efficiently and manage company financials – all in one place.

Project management

Access the features you need to manage every aspect of your job, including Schedules, Daily Logs, To-Do’s and Change Orders.

Customer management

Connect your team, subs and clients with Messages, online portals and file management systems.

Financial management

Take control of all things finance with features like Estimates, Bids, online payments and insurance.

Materials management

Manage materials inventory and costs while building supplier relationships and cashing in on rebates.

Interested in learning more?

Construction CRM FAQs

Get answers to the most common construction CRM questions.

In construction, a CRM is used to improve the sales process, win more jobs and manage client information even after project completion.

A construction CRM improves efficiency by providing insight into sales-ready opportunities and better lead management. It also provides a single software solution to manage all sales, project and communication needs, which eliminates the work required to maintain multiple databases.

  1. Simplify: A CRM acts as a single source of truth, simplifying the way you manage and maintain construction data.
  2. Connect: Construction CRMs connect home builders, home buyers and subcontractors for a more transparent and detailed building process.
  3. Analyze: A construction CRM is more than just a data warehouse to store all of your information. It should be used to identify new leads and potential issues with current projects.
  4. Collaborate: Buildertrend’s construction CRM is built with users in mind. Home builders, buyers and other contractors are able to easily access and use features in the ways that are most valuable to their role. This reduces the chance of rework or change orders as everyone is kept on the same page throughout the job.
  5. Profit: A CRM for construction companies should above all help drive revenue to the bottom line. With increased jobs and consolidated software solutions, CRMs improve profit margins for construction companies.

Customer relationship management software for construction is a system used to identify leads, track client information and manage company data. In the construction industry, it’s used as a valuable sales and customer retention tool.

A construction CRM is important for builders to land more jobs. It improves the lead conversion process while building important relationships. By enabling crucial client communication, it helps nurture those relationships and manage the details of every project – even as workload increases.