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What Buildertrend’s construction budgeting software does best

Construction budget software can describe many different features within more extensive construction company software. The most sought-after and valuable tools for construction companies often include accurate cost estimation, budget vs. actual views, as well as easy-to-use templates for bids, scheduling and to-do’s.

Buildertrend delivers a comprehensive suite of key features designed to streamline and enhance the construction budget management process. Here’s a look at some functionalities you should be aware of when looking for a construction budget management software:

Buildertrend featureWhat it does
Budgeting templatesUse pre-built or custom frameworks to save time budgeting and organize line items, cost breakdowns and estimates.
Excel integrationUpload Excel documents with ease for quick information sharing and data storage.
Manage change orders and purchase ordersGain better control and track costs, even during changing project scope. 
Accurate job estimations and actual cost comparisonsRealistically plan, allocate resources and support timelines from the start.
Cost coding and custom qualifiersUnderstand overspend at a glance and improve expense forecasting.
Job costingGain visibility into individual project profitability.
Online paymentsGet paid faster – and from anywhere.
Real-time advanced reporting and analyticsQuickly pull up job costs or detailed budgets and track daily expenses across all jobs.
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“I can guarantee that previously when we didn’t have Buildertrend, over the course of a year we would lose thousands of dollars by the time the year was done. It all adds up with the receipts, small expenses that we paid for with a credit card or the things we didn’t add into the spreadsheet. Those items were forgotten about and wouldn’t be invoiced to the client. That’s real money!”

Amanda Worlow

Casey Construction Company

Buildertrend’s construction budgeting software simplifies budgeting – saving you time and money


Saved per job with
accurate financial tracking

5+ hours

Gained back each day
not hunting down payments


Bookkeeping costs
slashed per year

The benefits of Buildertrend’s construction budgeting software

Buildertrend helps businesses create more accurate budgets in no time. Contractors know their budgets update immediately, eliminating manual entry and errors. Here are a few of the biggest reasons to use Buildertrend’s construction budgeting software.

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Streamline financial processes

As a construction owner or manager, you oversee multiple projects running at once. By using Buildertrend’s construction budgeting software, you can keep all that data in one platform. Your financial process remains simple as you create estimates and invoices, manage bills and purchase orders, send payments and track your budget all from one platform. Buildertrend’s budget includes a running total of your estimated costs vs. your actual costs throughout the life of a project.

Our construction management software also includes a QuickBooks integration, making the budgeting process even smoother. With Buildertrend, your business can manage budgets and cash flow to help support healthy financial management.

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Accurately track expenses

Costs are constantly changing. That’s why it’s essential to manage and track expenses using budgeting software. Within Buildertrend, you’ll estimate and budget in the platform where you can compare estimated costs against actual costs. You can track financials using features like Bills, Purchase Orders, Time Clock for labor and Change Orders. You’ll stay ahead of upcoming costs and payments by referring to one simple page in Buildertrend’s construction management software.

Buildertrend’s construction cost codes assist you in seeing what went over budget and which items were missed during billing, so you can make adjustments for your new builds. Construction cost codes ensure the budget process is simple by breaking down costs into “buckets” or “groups” of different types of costs. This method makes it easy to drill down on areas of overspending.

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Simplify cost management

You can plan more accurately with the running budget and better control each project with full cost transparency. Buildertrend serves as a construction cost management software with its extensive reporting tools to analyze cost breakdowns. Simplicity happens when you have a one-stop shop for cost management.

Additionally, once you record all budget data in the software, you can take advantage of the extensive built-in reporting tools to quickly evaluate the financial health of your job. This practice ensures that your jobs stay on track and within budget because you can make quick adjustments as needed.

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Plan for future costs and cash flow

When managing construction projects, it’s crucial to see what costs are coming up. Within Buildertrend’s budgeting software, you’ll see what’s been paid and any costs that are still outstanding. You also have transparency into change orders and builder variances to account for unforeseen costs. With Buildertrend, there are fewer surprises.

On top of that, with increased budget visibility on existing jobs, you’ll have the power to understand where you’re overspending and how to tighten up margins for future jobs. Don’t make the same mistakes twice and instead improve your processes by effectively planning ahead.

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Save time with templates and imported data

Implementing budgeting software gives you the ability to budget more quickly. Rather than manually writing or typing out every number, you can let the system track it for you. By saving time on the budgeting process, you have the ability to connect with clients and win more jobs.

Monty Brock, co-owner of DMJ Restorations, says the amount of time he spent on pricing out jobs was slashed with budgeting software: “Literally we’re budgeting a remodeling job in about 30 minutes.”

Tech also enables the power to set up your budget in many ways. You can start from scratch, use a preexisting template or import budget information through an integration with programs like Excel.

Buildertrend – more than budgeting

A comprehensive construction company software should go beyond budgeting. Look for a software partner that offers integrated project management, sales management and customer management, too. This maximizes your data and helps keep all your core business functionalities running smoothly.

More core features:

Deliver projects on time and on budget with tools for team collaboration, scheduling and reporting.Win more business with integrated CRM, email marketing and estimating software in one.Build client satisfaction with direct access to project information and user-friendly communication tools. 
·      Change Orders
·      Daily Logs
·      Schedule
·      Selections
·      Time Clock
·      To-Do’s
·      Warranty
·      Email marketing
·      Lead management
·      Proposals
·      Customer Portal
·      File storage
·      Messaging/comments
·      Sub portal

Construction budgeting software FAQs

Check out these answers to common questions about construction budgeting software.

Construction budgeting software is technology used to track your finances in real time from anywhere. This process typically includes tracking your estimated costs, revised costs, total costs and outstanding costs throughout the job.

Construction budget software is important for builders to modernize the way they run financial processes. Although a manual process may be working, there are likely mistakes being made and dollars being lost. By using technology to budget in construction, you’ll be able to reduce costly errors and keep jobs on track.

To create a construction company budget, start by estimating for necessary costs such as labor, equipment, permits and other timeline-related expenses. Then, compare these estimates with your company’s financial resources to set realistic spending limits. Some financial resources to consider may include cash flow and reserves, available assets, debts and more.

A construction budget can typically be segmented by direct costs, indirect costs and contingency funds. Direct costs include expenses such as construction worker wages or lumber. Indirect costs may include office rent or utility costs. Contingency funds are typically set aside from the onset to help cover unforeseen expenses or changes in project scope. Construction budget control software can help you set up, estimate and manage actuals of these three categories.

Tracking construction budgets involves regularly monitoring expenses, making comparisons to budgeted estimates and adjusting when necessary. It’s important to leverage construction budget tracking software to help reduce error and minimize risk of overruns. When leveraged correctly, this can help ensure profitable project completions, satisfied clients and financially-stable business operations.