Construction financing for you and your clients

Are your projects on hold because of funding? We’ve got you covered. Whether you need a quick loan to bridge the gap between one job and the next or you want to offer financing for homeowners, Buildertrend has options.

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Funding to grow
your business

Loan options to win more clients

Resources to finish
jobs faster

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Financing for your construction business

We know you have labor and material expenses and can’t always count on money coming in at the right time. Having extra working capital allows you to pay expenses quicker, complete jobs more efficiently and, ultimately, grow your business.

Forget about tedious bank financing processes

Submit quick applications and approvals through Buildertrend.

Get custom offers based on your needs

Receive a loan amount that fits your business – it’s not one-size-fits-all.

Have available credit when you need it

Cover costs for last-minute runs to The Home Depot or bridge the gap between projects.

Secure the funding you need fast

Stop waiting on inspections. As a trusted Buildertrend builder, you’re able to skip that step.

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Fund the future of your business with Buildertrend Financing

You have projects to fund, crews to pay and equipment to purchase. Buildertrend gives you the cash you need to operate your business to its full potential.

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Financing options for homeowners

Offer affordable payment options to your clients, so funding isn’t a barrier to building the home of their dreams or the renovation they’ve been wishing for. Providing competitive loans also increases your average job cost and helps you stand out from your competition.

Increase your average project price

Give clients the freedom to make their dream home a reality and grow profitability with a higher average cost-per-sale.

Provide a better client experience

Offer flexible terms and competitive interest rates.

Control your financing options

Choose the terms for every loan and manage them throughout each project.

Never worry about getting paid

Get quick, staged financing and reduce investment risks to ensure you’re protected.

Frequently asked questions

Offering financing to your clients allows you to provide a better overall service. With financing options, homeowners will have much more flexibility to fund their projects while managing their budget. Giving your clients the option to finance will also help you close more deals in cases where homeowners may not have the ability to pay up front with cash.

We’re leveraging our position as the leading construction management platform to give you the best tools for your business. Our partnership with GreenSky allows you to access and offer convenient financing options to your clients directly through your Buildertrend account.

Using money received from one project to pay expenses on another is risky for your business. Running on this thin margin of cash flow means that an unexpected expense could derail both projects. This unreliable method forces you to count on the money from new projects to pay for current projects. By having credit readily available, you’re able to cover costs between projects or unplanned business expenses.

A standard credit card will typically have lower limits, higher interest rates and a flexible repayment plan. A line of credit through Buildertrend is designed to offer more credit at lower rates, while also making sure you don’t take on interest beyond a pre-determined time frame. The money is ready when you need it and deposited directly into your bank account as soon as a draw is requested.

If you plan to use credit responsibly and want to grow your business, this solution is ideal. Having extra cash on hand helps avoid delays on jobs and leads to more completed projects. You can also use your credit to cover business expenses or upgrade equipment. This will help you increase the amount of profitable jobs your business can take on.

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