Protect your business from the unknown

With the unpredictable nature of the construction industry, it’s impossible to know what will happen or when. Our insurance options ensure your construction company is protected when things go wrong. Find coverage that fits your business, document it in one place and enjoy better rates through Buildertrend.

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All-inclusive coverage options

Builder’s risk insurance

Exclusive rates for customers

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Business insurance

Take on smart risks and grow your business with confidence. Select from coverage options including general liability, tools and equipment, professional liability, commercial auto and workers’ compensation.

Protect your business with comprehensive coverage

Choose from several options and find the best fit to meet your company’s needs.

Enjoy exclusive savings on package options

Receive up to 10% off on bundles with two or more policies.

Get free, instant insurance certificates

Start projects quickly with coverage options that are ready immediately.

Access claim support from licensed advisers

Get the help you need from trusted professionals anywhere, anytime via chat, phone or email.

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Builder’s risk insurance

Wind, fire, hail, theft, vandalism – protect every job site from worst-case scenarios. Our builder’s risk policies are designed to help you sleep better at night with exclusive low group rates, predictable premiums and stress-free documentation.

Be the builder who offers peace of mind

Assure homeowners that their investment is protected and sleep better knowing your business is, too.

Save money and share the savings with your clients

Enjoy exclusive low group rates from trusted A+ carriers.

Don’t sweat unpredictable premiums

Get a flat-rate price for every job and always know how much you’ll pay.

Policies stored in one location with easy access for your team

Quickly reference projects and know what’s covered.

Frequently asked questions

Builder’s risk insurance covers the structure of a single-family residential project in the event of fire, hail, wind, vandalism or theft of materials that will become permanent parts of the structure. This includes materials like windows, lumber, appliances, HVAC, etc.

Rather than relying on your clients to secure builder’s risk insurance and keep track of policies, you can purchase a policy for each project and include it in the overall cost. With builder’s risk insurance, you can confidently tell homeowners that you can build their home and provide security with this policy.

Signing up for builder’s risk insurance can be done directly through Buildertrend. Click here to begin.

Buildertrend Insurance Services has partnered with Assurely to provide our customers with a wider selection of insurance options at affordable prices. Assurely can help provided comprehensive coverage and support to help small business owners like you. Signing up is quick, click here to get started today.

*You’ll be taken to the Assurely website, where you’ll fill out your business information to get a quote directly from their team.

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