Construction punch list software

Organize and assign tasks with Buildertrend’s To-Do’s

Customizable templates and a centralized platform make it easy to create and assign tasks to your team and subcontractors. Keep them on track with automatic reminders, too.

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Go beyond basic punch list software with To-Do’s

If your business is operating without organizational software and relying on something like to-do lists drawn up by pen and paper, chaos and inefficiency take over. Plus, you run the risk of communication breakdowns, missed deadlines and frustrated clients. With the help of tools like a punch list software and a structured to-do list, your business will find success and earn a positive reputation.

Check out these top functions of Buildertrend’s punch list software.

Buildertrend featureWhat it does
Tasks and checklistsCreate checklists and assign tasks to the responsible team member.
Automatic remindersSchedule and send automatic reminders and emails about upcoming tasks. 
Upload and annotate pictures taken onsiteTake a photo to show your team or client what exactly needs to be fixed – use the annotation tool for more context and direction.
Central task-management platformCheck off when a task is done and even upload a photo for proof.
Template your punch listsSave time and create consistency with prebuilt formats you can reuse again and again.
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“With Buildertrend’s To-Do’s features, all information is organized within the platform, which makes it easy for anyone on the team to access, track updates and delegate tasks at any given time.”

Brad Blair

Co-founder, Spruce Homes in Saskatchewan, Canada

Streamline all project tasks with Buildertrend’s To-Do’s punch list software

Numbers tell the story of how a company is performing, and these stats from Buildertrend customers tell the story of success.


Subs trained


Of photos shared with clients per job

$10 million

In projects completed a year

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Unlocking the advantages of Buildertrend’s To-Do’s

When it comes to efficient project management, Buildertrend’s To-Do’s feature stands apart from traditional punch list software. The benefits are outlined below to give you a clear understanding of the value it adds to your construction project.


Custom templates

Buildertrend is a step above traditional punch list software because it allows the flexibility to tailor design templates for all project requirements. These punch list templates maintain consistency, so that you never forget an item. Plus, save the time it takes to recreate each time from scratch.


Annotated photos

In the building industry, precise communication will save you from a disaster. Buildertrend takes communication to the next level by allowing you to upload and annotate images within your to-do items to provide clearer instructions. Instead of relying on text descriptions, annotated photos leave no room for confusion.


Recurring tasks

Buildertrend’s To-Do’s feature goes a step above manual duplication by allowing you to easily set up recurring weekly, monthly or yearly tasks. This is especially important when it comes to safety checks, inspections or reports.


Automatic updates

Collaboration is fundamental to project success – keep the team seamlessly informed with Buildertrend’s automatic updates. You’ll minimize delays and misunderstandings and enhance efficiency when you automatically updated your team as relevant tasks are created and completed.


Powerful integrations

Traditional punch list software often operates in isolation. One of Buildertrend’s strongest advantages is its integration with other tools such as Excel, QuickBooks, builder’s risk insurance and Outlook add-in. This approach streamlines your construction processes to improve outcomes, enhance collaboration and provide more efficient project management.

Buildertrend To-Do’s is just the start

Clear communication and keeping projects on task is highly important for every construction project. However, there’s so much more to offer beyond To-Do’s. Here are four other features that put Buildertrend above the rest.

Buildertrend Payments

Receive payment 16 days faster with our secure online payment partner. Send and receive payments without the need for cash or check, and save valuable time.


Manage company funds with a digital wallet. All your expenses and budget-tracking tools can be found in one central and user-friendly platform.


Save time and money with digital measuring. Precise material and cost estimates are possible right in the software.


Create and compare estimates quickly. Make quick decisions when your bidding process is organized – which also means a faster turnaround time.

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Punch list software FAQs

Get answers to the most common punch list software questions.

Construction punch list software is a tool that streamlines the process of creating, tracking and completing project tasks. The document outlines tasks that need to be completed before a construction project is ready for final inspection.

Both checklists and punch lists serve important roles in every construction project. A checklist is a comprehensive list of tasks and requirements that need to be met during different phases of the construction project. A punch list is typically created near the end of the project, and it details what needs to be addressed before the project can be completed.

A construction punch list includes items that need to be completed before the project is handed over to the client. Some punch list examples of items to be completed might be front door alignment, basement bathroom grout, kitchen cabinet hardware, guest bedroom window and exterior paint touch-ups. The punch list will also include a description of what needs to be done.

Creating and managing the punch list for a construction project is a collaborative effort. The list typically falls on the general contractor, subcontractors, architect or designer as well as the client and inspection team.