50% less time spent driving to and from the job site with Buildertrend’s construction management app

Discover why Buildertrend’s mobile app is the best solution for flexible, onsite construction project management.

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Why your team needs a construction app

It’s time for everyone on your team to stay informed, no matter where they are. With Buildertrend’s project management app, your subs, clients and field crew can quickly get high-level job information when they need it ­– even when they’re on the go.

Buildertrend featureWhat it does
Summary screenGet an at-a-glance view for each project, or all projects, to see important updates.
Daily LogsLet your field crew submit daily progress notes and photos for each job.
Time ClockGive your field crew the ability to clock in and out on the job site.
To-Do’sCreate and assign punch-list items to your team and subs.
ScheduleView and make adjustments to a project timeline from anywhere.
FilesUpload photos, documents and videos directly from your mobile device.
Offline accessTake care of essential tasks from the app even when you don’t have service.
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“The app allows us to be more scalable. We’re not having to reinvent things over and over. We can simultaneously flip between projects more quickly, access selections items in seconds and jump back and forth from job to job. That adds up to major time savings.”

Todd LaVine

General manager of Cove Builders

Buildertrend’s mobile app by the numbers

4-6 weeks

Saved on every build.

1.5 million+

Mobile app downloads.


Less time spent on scheduling by using an app.

Why choose Buildertrend’s construction management app?

Daily Logs
Daily log product UI

Daily logs

Give your field crew the power to easily document every detail of every project.

  • Daily Logs allow for automatic documentation of field location and weather conditions.
  • Allow your team to effectively communicate by attaching and annotating job site photos.
  • Talk to text makes logging daily updates simple for your team members. They can easily record field notes and share them with your team, trade partners and clients.
Time Clock
Time clock product UI

Time Clock

Save your field crew time by allowing members to quickly clock in and out right from the job site.

  • Put an end to manual time tracking processes and paper time sheets.
  • Use the Time Clock to implement geofencing and use the data to keep your field crew accountable.
  • Avoid start delays by letting your job site supervisor manage clock-ins for your field crew.
To-do's screenshot


Give project managers the ability to create and assign punch-list items from anywhere.

  • Individually assign tasks to your team and subs, and track progress as they check off completed items.
  • Team members can attach and annotate job site photos with To-Do’s to ensure clear communication.
  • To-Do’s allows your team to track due dates and communicate with assigned users across all jobs.
Schedule product UI


The Schedule feature keeps your team, subs and clients on the same page throughout every job.

  • Easily make quick adjustments to the schedule from anywhere without missing a beat.
  • Add workday exceptions, like holidays or vacations, to track delays and causes for missed milestones.
  • Assign schedule items to your field crew and subs and automatically notify them as changes happen.


Give your team a centralized source to access all job site files.

  • Use the app to quickly upload documents, photos and videos from your mobile device.
  • Share uploaded files with clients and subs, or choose to keep them private.
  • Annotate directly on plans and photos for more clarification between team members.

Buildertrend –more than a project management app

Although the most popular features on the construction app are heavily geared toward project management, you’ll also have sales, financial and client management tools available in the palm of your hand.


Create proposals and share with leads to quickly capture signatures and keep jobs moving forward.

Customer Portal

Give clients insight into their project with a customized portal they can access from their computer, phone or tablet.

Buildertrend Payments

Keep payments between subs, clients and your business organized to maintain a healthy cash flow.

Bills and Purchase Orders

Submit Bills and Purchase Orders from anywhere while collecting digital approvals on the go.

Interested in learning more?


Yes. Your clients can access the Customer Portal from the Buildertrend app where they can view the schedule, see progress photos and send you messages.

The Buildertrend construction management app is compatible with all mobile devices that meet the minimum OS requirements.

Yes. The Buildertrend mobile app is free to download and is included with your account subscription.

Yes. GPS tracking is available for creating a geofence around a job site so crew members can only clock in when they’re on location. Also, the current location is registered when creating a Daily Log.

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