How Buildertrend’s construction document management software keeps jobs on track

By centralizing job details and communication, construction document management software ensures all parties involved in a project can access the same information at the same time.

Between homeowners, subcontractors and your own construction team updating and signing off on materials, paperwork can quickly get out of hand. You could spend hours digging through mountains of paperwork and still not find what you’re looking for. What’s worse – you could do all that work, only to find your subs completed work incorrectly because they were looking at outdated information.

Buildertrend featureWhat it does
Centralize job details and communicationAll photos, videos and files are organized and stored in job-specific folders.
Simplify document sharingEasily choose who can see important files by granting permission to appropriate parties.
Decrease physical paperworkClean off your desk and become an eco-friendly business by going digital.
Simplify sign-offsDon’t stress about meeting clients in person for approvals ­– they can sign off on contracts right from their phones.
Keep documents updatedTeams can work off the most up-to-date version of a file, while easily accessing previous versions when needed.
Contracts and agreementsStore all signed contracts in organized folders for easy reference when there’s a dispute or legal issue.
Project plans and takeoff docsSubs and crew members can pull up blueprints and takeoffs right from their phones while on the job site.
Work in Progress ReportsView Work in Progress Reports to see how jobs are progressing compared to their original timeline and budget.
Visual documentation, job site photos and videosKeep job-specific photos and videos organized to quickly show proof of work for warranty claims.
Risinger Exterior

“Document sharing through construction software has been a real game changer for my business. It allows my team to spend more time on great building while not losing countless hours chasing down docs.”

Matt Risinger

CEO and chief builder at Risinger Build

Eliminate delays and miscommunication with Buildertrend


Place for all photos, videos and files.


Complex projects completed per year.


Saved in warranty work.

Why contractors choose Buildertrend’s construction document management software

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Enhance decision making

By providing easy access to project information – including schedules, actual budgets and records of roadblocks – you can track patterns in your construction progress.

For example, is there always a delay in securing permits for work? Construction document software can help identify where the holdup is happening so you can work to avoid it next time. From there, you can adjust schedules and resources to keep the project moving on time.


Deliver projects on time and avoid costly mistakes

A construction document control software acts as a single source of truth for every person involved in a construction project.

Using this tool, builders can:

  • Track deadlines and milestones
  • Reduce the risk of delays or unnecessary overruns
  • See exactly what work was completed on a given day
  • Review progress and adjust schedules

Reduce manual tracking and storage costs

Your construction teams have more important things to do than update spreadsheets and organize files. Save time by organizing all project-related documents in one place.

Buildertrend takes organization to the extreme. Similar to our job costing features, which connect costs to specific projects, Buildertrend allows files for each project to be neatly stored in job-specific folders.


Access documents from anywhere

Different team members can access information on a project using cloud-based construction document management.

This level of accessibility improves communication and collaboration. Team members can work together in real time, access the most recent document versions and upload updates anywhere, anytime. By choosing who has different editing rights, you can control who can view and make changes to documentation, ensuring data accuracy.


Eliminate errors and confusion

Change orders are nearly guaranteed in a construction project. That means there’s the possibility different people could be completing work based on different versions of a single document. As everyone works to get up to speed, important documents can become lost or misplaced.

Ensure version control so everyone is working from the most up-to-date files of the project scope. With Buildertrend’s unlimited and cloud-based storage, you can still keep previous versions on file for reference.

With visual documentation, crews completing work can record exact project status. Support the information provided in daily logs with photos and videos for even more context and clarity.


Avoid project delays

With easy, digital access to information, you can answer questions, gain approvals and document signatures faster. This leads to a smooth construction process through closeout – as well as increased revenue.

This can also help mitigate risk for your company should contract disputes come up. You can easily refer to agreements, approvals that resulted in change and status of work completed at a moment’s notice.


Meet the needs of every stakeholder

No two people work in exactly the same way. That’s why Buildertrend’s electronic document control is built with configurable views, easy search tools and drag-and-drop functionality. That way you can find what you’re looking for faster, no matter how your brain works.


Provide valuable insights into project performance

By tracking the status of different documents, like permits, Work in Progress Reports and change orders, you can quickly understand how a project is progressing compared to the original timeline and budget. With visual documentation, you can even prove build quality at any given stage of the construction phase.

With this information, your project managers can make data-driven decisions that improve the overall efficiency of their construction projects.

Document control and more with Buildertrend

Buildertrend construction software is the best solution for general contractors looking to streamline document management, empowering builders to effortlessly organize, share and access crucial project files in one centralized platform. But that’s not all this platform does. This invaluable tool also enhances collaboration among project stakeholders by providing real-time updates and communication features that keep everyone on the same page. With its comprehensive project management capabilities, Buildertrend empowers construction professionals to save time, reduce errors and increase efficiency, making it an indispensable solution for anyone seeking to optimize their construction projects.

Daily Logs

Maintain a daily record of work completed, materials used and which crew members were onsite to keep track of how jobs are progressing.


Receive claims, schedule appointments and keep your company protected all from the app.


Create and send contracts from the platform and allow your clients to submit digital signatures so projects can get started quickly.

Work in Progress Report

View company data to understand profit margins, cost to complete and daily expenses so you can improve your financials and keep budgets on track.

Interested in learning more?

Construction documentation software FAQs

Get answers to the most common questions about construction document software.

Construction documents should be organized in a way that’s quick to upload, find, open and save information. For most construction companies, the best method of file management is to categorize by project. To help achieve successful file management, you should include consistent naming structures, version control systems and a standard operating procedure for use.

A document management system is a type of software that helps construction companies manage and organize documents electronically, rather than through manual or paper-driven systems. Common types of files it houses include contracts, change orders, permits, specifications and even architecture drawings or engineering plans.

Buildertrend’s construction company software is a best-in-class solution designed to help with construction document management. It connects all core components of a construction business: the sales process, financial management, project management and communication. Using materials management within Buildertrend, you can securely store, share and access information from each of these areas in a single centralized space.

Every construction company, regardless of size, location or specialty, should use document control software as a tool to improve organization, accessibility and efficiency of managing construction documents. It helps support teamwork, compliance, homeowner satisfaction and profitability.

Buildertrend’s file management system lets users access documents from anywhere. That means even if you’re on a construction site using our mobile app, you can view documents as easily as if you were using a desktop at your office. It’s supported by secure cloud-hosted technology, meaning your information is always right at your fingertips when you need it.