Buildertrend subcontractor software

Improve workflows and increase project capacity by more than 50%

Stop spending all your time on back-and-forth messages with subcontractors. Learn how our platform consolidates communication into one easy-to-reference stream of conversation, so you can spend more time building profitable projects for your clients.

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How Buildertrend’s subcontractor software uses a Sub Portal to streamline communication

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With its Sub Portal feature, Buildertrend makes it easy for subcontractors to access and collaborate on project details, ensuring a smooth workflow and efficient project management.

As Buildertrend simplifies communication, subcontractors and builders experience reduced errors and rework, directly improving project efficiency. With these changes, builders also see their relationships with subcontractors grow stronger, influencing the outcomes of future builds, too.

With Buildertrend subcontractor software, builders can confidently manage subs and ensure successful project outcomes. Discover what Buildertrend can do for you. 

Buildertrend featureWhat it does
Document managementUpload, save and ensure subcontractor access to project-related documents, including version control, to improve project accuracy.
File sharingAllow subcontractors to upload information for each job, including documents, photos and videos.
In-platform communicationHouse all communications between your construction team and subcontractors in a central communication hub, reducing unnecessary calls or texts.  
Job commentsApart from messages, contractors can gain real-time insights from subs – and subs can easily gain answers to RFIs – with commenting functionality available on Bids, Change Orders, Daily Logs, Files, Bills, Purchase Orders, Scheduling and more.
SchedulingAssign subcontractor work to scheduled items within your project timeline to ensure work is getting done on time.
Daily Logs and To-Do’sProvide daily updates for what’s happening on projects and access To-Do’s that are due from the subcontractor on any specific job. 
Change ordersShare change order information so subcontractors can reference the title, approval status and any files that are included in the project change.
Purchase orders and billsReference any outstanding POs or lien waivers awaiting sign-off to ensure subs are being paid on time and accurately.
WarrantiesAssign warranty appointments to subcontractors to ensure post-construction client satisfaction and job completion.
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“We’ve had subcontractors come to us and ask if we use project management software. A plumber we work with said he actually prefers us because of Buildertrend. He forgets to send out invoices when the job is done, but with Buildertrend, purchase orders are connected to the completion of a job – and now he gets paid quicker.”

Nick Scroggs

Owner and Director of Operations and Business Development, Scroggs Construction Services

Subcontractor software keeps projects on track


Reductions in double entry for subcontractor payments.


More than double the projects a builder can take on at one time.

4-6 weeks

Less time spent on every build.

Why contractors use Buildertrend’s Sub Portal for their subcontractor management software

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Some builders estimate as much as 85% of every project completed is subcontracted. A single mistake or miscommunication can cost a project thousands of dollars. Plus, a poorly managed subcontractor experience can ruin long-term relationships – making it even harder to secure subs for future projects in a market where it’s already difficult to find the right people to meet project needs.

An efficient subcontractor management system ensures you’re spending less time worrying about whether your subcontractor has what they need to complete the job – everything is right there at their fingertips. This enables builders to form strong relationships with subs while delivering on client needs at the same time.

The benefits of using subcontractor software

Here’s how construction companies benefit when they choose Buildertrend for subcontractor management.

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More accurate purchase orders

Sometimes, subcontractors drop out of a job. Without a software system in place to capture purchase orders, electronic agreements and scopes of work, builders can end up blindsided by a subcontractor bill at the end of a job.

It’s an experience Nick Scroggs of Scroggs Construction Services experienced firsthand prior to becoming a Buildertrend user after an HVAC subcontractor dropped out mid-project. When Nick’s company hired a replacement, the result was a big hit to project revenue.

“It was $14,000 more than the first guy. As a fixed-price contractor, we took the hit,” he said.

Enter into every agreement with 100% clarity on how it will affect your bottom line.

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Keep subs on track

Project schedules change. Whether there’s hang-ups with permits, inspections or procurement issues, builders have to be able to adapt to shifting timelines.

Without a scheduling tool helping track and manage these shifting targets, you could very well have an electrician show up to work before framing ever finishes up. That’s a waste of everyone’s time – and billable hours.

The Scheduling tool within Buildertrend’s Sub portal simplifies things. Each subcontractor can access the schedule with their own personal login to access the job timeline. From there, they can see when they’re needed and if they’re approved to start work.

“The only way for us to be scalable and to stay organized is with software that’s specific to what we do and helps us take on more work,” said Nick Scroggs, Scroggs Construction team. “It honestly wouldn’t be possible without Buildertrend.”


Improve sharing of project information

Documentation is an important part every construction project – especially when a subcontractor needs access to time-sensitive information like lien waivers or invoices. For some subs, having an easy way to access this information can be the difference between taking a job or leaving it on the table.

Take it from a subcontractor’s perspective.

“When we see a job come in from a builder through Buildertrend, we’re glad because those jobs always go smoothly,” said Pete Newstrom, vice president of Arrow Lift. “There are many points where we need documentation, whether it’s an invoice or a lien waiver or something else. It tends to work pretty smoothly where we get a notification initiated by the builder. It prompts us to log in to the portal, make sure everything looks correct and follow the guidelines for next steps. We’re able to move the jobs forward, and the end result is getting paid. Everyone’s happy.”

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Streamline communication between builders and subs

Between phone calls, texts, messaging apps and even social media, there are hundreds of ways you could communicate to your subcontractors. Which means there are a hundred ways for things to get lost in translation.

Kerby Skurat from Cove Builders puts it best.

“If you think about the dollar amounts we’re dealing with, the average home is about $700,000. Consider how costly a single mistake can be. You’re looking at tens of thousands of dollars because of a miscommunication.”

Buildertrend helps alleviate the risk of miscommunication, centralizing all channels of contact into a single place builders and subs can refer to throughout a project. It’s a tool Kerby says gives them a competitive edge.

“Fanatical communication sets us apart … being able to communicate well and follow up fast.”


Be accessible to on-the-go subcontractors

Staying in contact with a subcontractor may sound simple, but when builders and subs are both on the move, it can be hard to ever overlap.

Buildertrend’s mobile app makes it possible to access job details, timelines and payment information from anywhere. And that cuts down on one-off calls and texts requesting more information when a subcontractor is at a job site (and away from their computer).


Reduce liabilities and pay subs faster

We all know carrying too much liability on the books can equal financial disaster if everyone tries to cash in at once. That’s why it’s important to accurately track the money you owe your subcontractors – and then process the payments fast when you need to.

Use Buildertrend’s online payments feature to pay subs faster than ever before. It can mean the difference between a good builder-subcontractor relationship – and a great one.

“We had been paying our subcontractors overnight via ACH. Now, they’re receiving a check that they can print out, which can be instantly deposited into their account,” said Monty Brock, DMJ Restorations. “So, we were in good standing with our subcontractors by being able to pay overnight. Now it’s even faster.”

Proof Buildertrend is more than just subcontractor management software

Builders need to effectively manage subcontractors to deliver skilled work on a job site. But that’s not all builders need to manage to get a project across the finish line. Along with Buildertrend’s subcontractor management software, you have access to many other features to take a project from an estimate to a finished build.

Budgeting software

Managing a construction budget is no easy feat. When not done right, it can cost you hours out of your day and thousands out of your pocket. That’s why Buildertrend offers a simplified approach to budgeting.  

With budgeting templates, a solution for change orders and purchase orders, and even individual project job costing features, our budgeting tool helps streamline your entire financial management to-do list.

Takeoff software

A project can only be as successful as its initial estimate. If the estimate is off, your profitability will be off, too.

Buildertrend Takeoff exists for builders to upload digital blueprints, record measurements and create accurate estimates from the start.

Daily logs

When managing a construction build, your construction team, subs and clients all want to be kept in the loop of how the project is going.

Buildertrend’s Daily Logs feature provides proof of work on everything that’s been completed on a construction project. It eliminates word-of-mouth inaccuracies and relies on actual evidence to support a project’s progress.


It’s hard enough managing materials throughout a project. Keeping track of rebates on top of it can feel especially time consuming.

Buildertrend Purchasing makes it easier with an integrated approach to materials management and rebate tracking. In three easy steps, you can enroll in supplier rebate programs, upload your receipts and set up Buildertrend Wallet. Then, it’s as simple as seeing the money you’re owed hit your banking account.

Interested in learning more?

Subcontractor software FAQs

Here are three common questions about construction subcontractor portals – answered.

Subcontractor software streamlines project management, helping builders track subcontractor work, schedules and communication more efficiently.

Yes, subcontractor software often integrates with various construction tools, simplifying data sharing and improving project coordination. When using Buildertrend, for example, subcontractor features are integrated alongside sales, project and financial management toolkits.

Training is recommended to maximize the benefits of subcontractor software, ensuring effective usage and adoption. Buildertrend offers many ways to maximize software use, including Buildertrend Learning Academy, Buildertrend University, Onsite Consulting and more.