Buildertrend Learning Academy

The space to grow your skills

Want to step up your construction management? Buildertrend Learning Academy gives you everything you need to know. Set your own pace with free courses and certifications tailored to your needs. Through crafted videos, interactive tutorials and online webinars, you’ll gain the knowledge to grow your business and optimize your Buildertrend experience.

Why Buildertrend Learning Academy works

Professionally lead courses

Industry leaders covering topics such as Buildertrend basics, business development or feature specifics.

Whenever you want to learn

Start, pause and finish on your own time without losing your place. These courses designed to work with you and your busy schedule.

Role-based certifications

Show clients and future employers you know what it takes to run a construction project.

See the power of Buildertrend Learning Academy

BLA users used

12% more

features than non-BLA users

BLA users complete jobs on average

3 days faster

than non-BLA users

BLA users have starting job prices

50% higher

in average value than non-BLA users

BLA users result in a

4% higher

satisfaction on average than non-BLA users

Go beyond onboarding and dive into feature specifics

Learn how to use Buildertrend, grow your business and impact your bottom line

Attend virtual sessions from anywhere at anytime

Is it for those new to Buildertrend? Yes. Experienced professionals? Absolutely. Up-and-coming home builders? Get ready to learn!

No matter where you are in your career, Buildertrend Learning Academy is designed to expand your skillset.

We’ve been leading construction project management for nearly two decades, and we’ve trained thousands of pros just like you. Come learn with us.

Interested in in person training?

Buildertrend University hosts builders at our HQ in Omaha for a 2 day training session!

Frequently Asked Questions

When starting out, decide what path best fits your current goals. There are feature specific-paths, business role training and new employee onboarding. If you’d like to switch tracks, you’re free to do so at any time.

Yes. You can access Buildertrend Learning Academy anywhere with an internet connection on your mobile device, such as a phone, tablet or laptop. If you have a moment in between client meetings or while at a job site, you’ll be able to continue your training sessions.

Yes. Buildertrend Learning Academy can help your newest team members get started and become an expert. You’ll find content that covers topics like starting a project, setting up a user and scheduling work.

You can cut down time training your team with Buildertrend Learning Academy. Consider assigning specific courses you’ve taken to get your new employee on the same page. From there, they can choose to continue learning more or jump in with what they’ve learned.

There are role-based certifications within Buildertrend Learning Academy. Whether you’re a project manager, officer manager, designer or salesperson, there’s a unique curriculum with over six hours of content specific to your role.