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What Buildertrend’s construction estimating software can do for you

Buildertrend estimates help construction businesses save money and run better projects.

Construction estimating software provides home builders, remodelers and specialty contractors with a project roadmap to accurately predict costs, quantities, labor hours and more. With more accurate estimated costs, construction businesses have a clear picture of their projects’ finances before any job site work begins.

Buildertrend’s construction management software is an integrated solution that includes seamless estimating and a range of other features to help effectively manage your projects – making it the best choice in the industry. Discover what Buildertrend can do for you.

Buildertrend featureWhat it does
Accurate job costingAchieve accurate job costing with precise material and labor calculations and real time cost tracking.
Easy-to-use takeoff solutionStreamline the process of quantifying materials and measurements from project plans.
Automated proposalsAvoid the need for double entry and create professional and detailed proposals for your clients.
User-friendly estimating templatesUse pre-built and standardized formats for estimating to expedite the process and ensure consistency.
Stored details in cost databaseStore accurate and detailed information of material costs and labor rates allowing for quick access.
More manageable budgetingLeverage comprehensive cost breakdowns, real time expense tracking and the ability to adjust resources efficiently.
A modern custom home build by Casey Construction in Texas

“There are real dollars that would have gotten lost if we weren’t using Buildertrend.”

Amanda Worlow

Co-Owner Casey Construction Company

Create estimates with confidence and ease


More business achieved with better financial management


Hours saved per week with a more streamlined estimating process.


Previously missed costs turned into profit with a precise estimate and budget.

Why teams choose Buildertrend for their construction estimating software?

A poor construction estimate can tank a project before it even begins. If an estimate is missing items, or if calculations are done poorly, then the business (and not the client) will be on the hook for additional costs. These unexpected costs quickly add up and directly affect a company’s bottom line.

Good construction estimating, on the other hand, allows contractors to accurately predict their costs and profits to ensure their own profitability.

Here’s how construction companies benefit when they choose Buildertrend for construction estimating.


More accurate estimates

Construction pros using Buildertrend’s estimating software see improved accuracy thanks to prebuilt calculations and formulas. This system reduces the likelihood of user error from manually entering data multiple times or calculating on a spreadsheet.

Brad Blair, head of business development and operations at Spruce Homes, said one of the biggest benefits of the Buildertrend platform is that it streamlines the bid estimate process.

“Our old process for bid estimates and resulting to-do’s required me to do manual data entry between my email and an Excel spreadsheet,” he said.  “Not only was this time-intensive, but it made it difficult for me to delegate tasks to my team since so many of the details were living only in my email.”

Give your field crew the power to easily document every detail of every project.


Seamless estimating

Translating previously manual processes into automated ones will make estimating faster overall, which helps new projects get started quickly.

According to Monty Brock, managing partner of DMJ Restorations, he’s now saving at least five hours every week solely on financial management tasks, like estimating. Previously, he would dedicate two to three hours specifically to preparing for the Tuesday staff meeting update.

“I’m not wasting those hours anymore,” Monty said. “In the five years we’ve been in operation, it’s never been this easy. I have complete confidence in my numbers.”


Simple job costing

The centerpiece of Buildertrend’s estimating software is the ability to understand the costs associated with a project. This includes material and labor costs. Home builders, remodelers or specialty contractors can group costs together and add markups to give more visibility to their financials.

“[Buildertrend] gives us real data to rely on and make decisions for a project,” Liz Vaughan, CEO of Vaughan + Co. said. “So, we know where we can spend more money and where we should spend less money to stay within budget.”


Customizable estimate templates

Within Buildertrend’s estimating software, customizable construction templates allow companies to start projects faster. These templates allow estimates to follow the standard workflow of a project.

For example, remodelers could have estimating templates for kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels and additions. These different iterations allow estimates to follow the standard workflow for a “typical” project and can be easily updated with client specifications. Estimating templates also give businesses the benefit of reducing the risk of forgetting costs related to a specific type of project.

“When you run a small business, inefficiency is money lost. If just one thing takes 30 minutes longer a day and there’s an average of 30 days in a month, that’s 900 minutes wasted. Templates help cut that 30 minutes down to five,” John Lea, CEO and founder of Decksouth, said.


Personalized cost database

Home builders, remodelers and specialty contractors can build, edit and reference a database of material and labor costs when using estimating software. Construction pros can then quickly create accurate estimates by automatically pulling in up-to-date costs for frequently used line items.

High Street Homes invested time to build out their Cost Catalog and saw it’s worth immediately with more free time to grow their small business.

“Spending intentional time to set up cost items has and will save us thousands of dollars,” Brett Phillips, co-owner of High Street Homes, said.

“Being a small business with a small team, it’s a challenge to try and figure out how to maximize our team’s efforts and who needs to be where,” Brett continued. “Buildertrend empowers our project manager to run his job sites with a place to store all of the information, and it gives us the freedom to work on other parts of our business.”

Buildertrend – an easier way to estimate

Estimates are an essential part of every job and they set the foundation for a successful project, but that’s not all you need to run your business. Along with Buildertrend’s construction estimating software, you have access to many other features to keep your projects on track.


Easily generate a professional proposal to share with clients and save time by not having to enter cost values in two different documents. You’ll reduce the likelihood of entering inaccurate information and being on the hook for any additional costs.


Quickly generate precise budgets and benefit from instant budget updates. Say no more to manual data entry and reduce the risk of errors while job costing. Plan for future costs and cash flow so you can make more informed budgetary decisions.


The process of paying and receiving payments becomes effortless as funds are quickly transferred through our secure online payment provider. You’ll ensure seamless transactions without the need for physical cash or checks – and save yourself valuable time.

Buildertrend Takeoff

Start every project with confidence. Upload digital blueprints, record measurements and create accurate estimates faster than ever. Our integrated takeoff solution makes it easy to pull material pricing from your cost catalog and automatically populate line items.

Interested in learning more?

Construction estimating software FAQs

Get answers to the most common construction estimating software questions.

To establish realistic construction estimates, start by evaluating the scope of the project and line items required, then plan out rough timelines and calculate project profitability. Construction estimating software helps in this process, allowing you to submit more accurate bids.

A poor construction estimate can end a project before it even begins. If an estimate is missing items or if calculations are done poorly, then the business (and not the client) will be on the hook for additional costs. These unexpected costs quickly add up and directly affect a company’s bottom line.

Integrated project management software offers features and integrations with tools like QuickBooks and Xero to accurately manage finances at every stage of a job. You can also use Buildertrend Takeoff to upload digital blueprints, take measurements and create accurate material estimates all in one place.

Construction estimating software is technology used to help anticipate costs when planning out a project. This process typically includes coordinating with a client to understand the full scope of a job before translating those needs into line items, quantities and total costs. Estimates can also include markups on individual items or on the overall price point to help gauge project profitability.

Learn about the differences between a construction proposal and a construction estimate.

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