Construction change order software

Save tens of thousands on change orders

Construction change order software makes it easy to create, manage and track change orders. Learn how it improves the experience for your clients and prevents payments from slipping through the cracks.

Keep financials on track with Buildertrend’s construction change order software

A good change order tracking software will manage all administrative steps and provide builders with a clear picture of project costs and timelines. Some features that’ll ease the workload include: client signatures on all updates, automated processes for requesting and approving changes, accurate cash flow, automatic documentation and better communication between stakeholders.

Buildertrend featureWhat it does
Guaranteed client approvalDocument homeowner signatures for every change.
Automated processesUse automated requests and approvals to track changes in real time.
Consistent cash flowEnsure a more accurate cash flow with up-to-date project payments.
DocumentationSave everything in writing, so you’re protected in the case of a dispute.
CommunicationKeep your team and clients updated with clear communication in one place.
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“I couldn’t quantify an actual number, but using the Change Orders feature this way has saved us tens of thousands of dollars.”

Matt Sneller

Owner, Sneller Custom Homes & Remodeling

Get 33% faster approvals on change orders

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Saving hours with digital change orders

Here’s how Buildertrend helped Scroggs Construction Services save thousands of dollars and countless hours on projects with scope changes.

A feature that pays for itself

Learn how sustainable home builder Kemp Construction Management is able to pay for their Buildertrend subscription with the savings they earn from the Change Order feature alone.

Better communication of cost changes

See how the Color Houses team uses change orders to keep their clients informed of pricing adjustments throughout projects.

Why contractors choose to use construction change order software

These are the top benefits home builders see when using construction change order software for their jobs.



With Buildertrend’s change order software, you can get change order approvals from anywhere. Our software allows you to easily create, execute and document change orders while on the job instead of adding another item on your lengthy to-do list. To authorize the changes, you may need signatures from project managers, engineers, architects and clients – and it’s easy with convenient electronic signatures.



The Change Order feature automatically updates your schedule and budget when a change order is created. Your project manager will ultimately be in charge of addressing the most critical to-do’s first, but they’ll be able to make these decisions while looking at accurate timelines. When effectively managing change orders, you’ll have fewer delays – and happier clients.   

Real time

Real time

When entering change orders into Buildertrend, any changes that are made are linked to a job and any connected processes are updated automatically. And because adjusting one part of the project has a trickle-down effect, our construction change order software is smart enough to shift all timelines and budgets for you. These changes will then be reflected and communicated in one spot.



Using Buildertrend’s pre-built templates can streamline the change order process. Besides saving time and energy, templates create consistency by ensuring all change orders follow the same formatting. Pre-built templates remind your project manager to fill out every required section, ensuring nothing is overlooked.



Change orders are approved 33% quicker in Buildertrend. This is a comparison between builders who use our platform and those who don’t. The software automatically routes change orders to the appropriate parties for approval. Also, having mobile access allows the approver to work from anywhere, make comments and attach files directly to the change order.



In Buildertrend, you also have the ability to collect change order payments online. Once the change order is created, your project manager can add a payment request and include payment deadlines. Buildertrend then notifies the client that a payment is due, and they’ll receive an emailed link to pay online. When the client submits payment, it’s tracked, and the balance is updated automatically. Your clients will love the convenience of online payments, and you’ll appreciate how quickly you get paid. 

Buildertrend is more than just a change order software

Our platform also includes the features you need to run your construction business successfully. Streamlined processes make it simple to control lead management, project planning, communication and financials all in one place.


Using construction invoice software offers a dual advantage of expediting client payments while bolstering overall business profitability. This tool promotes the use of automated payment reminders and well-structured payment plans. By simplifying the payment process for clients, you can ensure a consistent and timely cash flow.


With Buildertrend, handling construction payments becomes as simple as sending an email. We’ve made money transfers hassle-free and secure through our trusted online payment system, ensuring fast transactions between banks. Forget about dealing with cash or checks – our user-friendly payment options save you, your clients and your subcontractors time and effort.


Construction estimating software is a critical tool for home builders. It helps them plan out their projects in detail, figuring out how much money, materials and time they’ll need. This way, both the builder and the client can see what’s going on and know how much everything will cost before they even begin. With Buildertrend estimates, builders can kick off every project with confidence and clarity.


Smart budgeting sets the stage for smoother project control and fewer surprise hurdles. Buildertrend’s Budget feature and other must-have financial tools are tailored to make budgeting for your construction projects easy. And use our pre-built templates to organize your items, break down costs and nail those initial estimates without breaking a sweat.

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Change Order feature FAQs

The best way to manage change orders in construction is to develop a clear process for submitting, reviewing and approving them in construction change order software. Be sure to review change orders promptly and collect all necessary signatures to approve the project timeline and budget updates. 

Change order software is a critical tool to effectively manage your construction projects. Efficient change order software will help your construction business save money by avoiding delays and/or rework, accurately track and update project budgets, reduce the risk of disputes and claims and improve communication.

The key to limiting the number of change orders in your construction project is to involve clients and team members in the preplanning stages. When all stakeholders contribute to the planning process, there’s less confusion on the scope of the project. Regular meetings and progress checks can be a good opportunity to identify and solve issues before they turn into change orders.

A change order in construction refers to any modifications made to the scope of work outlined in the original contract. Since change orders shift the budget and timeline, they must be documented, tracked and approved by all parties.

Change orders are an inevitable issue for most construction projects, and when not managed properly, they’ll derail your finances.

A good change order software updates your financials in real time, which means it tracks cost changes on approved change orders and adjusts the remaining budget. Project managers can make the most informed decisions when financials are automatically updated.

For example, if during the course of the project a client decides to upgrade from granite countertops to quartzite, a change order would be submitted. Using a software program makes it easier to keep everyone updated on project changes. On the flip side, doing it by hand leaves a paper trail to follow with the cost difference for the countertops and labor required for possible removal and reinstallation. Then, it’s on you to collect payment instead of receiving reimbursement right in your project management software.

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