Ensure daily progress is recorded with construction logs

Buildertrend maintains a record of your work and updates. Learn how construction daily logs clear up day-to-day confusion and keep your team informed.

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A single source of truth for your team, clients and subs

Daily logs are a written history of everything that has happened on your construction site. Without evidence of what’s been completed, it’s easy to fall back to he said she said. Using construction management software with daily logs prevents any miscommunication.

You don’t have to rely on word of mouth to know how work is coming along. With Daily Logs, you’ll have a detailed report of what work has been done. Having a single record of updates allows your crew, clients and subs to see progress without setting up meetings for regular check-ins. No more questions about what’s getting done.

Daily logs are beyond a detailed source of truth for day-to-day events. They establish a paper trail in case of incidents. You can look back at your entries and see what happened, how it happened and why instead of relying on other sources.

What are daily logs in construction?

Daily logs keep track of the progress you’ve made during a construction project. When maintaining a daily construction log, you can take photos and write down notes for tasks or reminders for the day.

The problem with manual logs is the possibility of losing paper notes and photos stored on multiple devices. On the flip side, online daily records give you a better way to log important information and allow team members to have access. You’ll want to make sure you have a reliable way to maintain a clear and accessible record of events to keep your construction site running smoothly.

Who benefits from daily logs?

Everyone who is part of the project can benefit from Daily Logs. This includes your team, subs and clients. Your team can access daily logs to detail the work they’ve completed or observations made on a work site. Subs can see the progress your team has made and know what their part is in the build process. Clients can see where you’re at in the build, too. They don’t have to call you each night asking about updates.

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“Daily Logs for us serve all kinds of purposes, from communication with clients to site documentation to internal communication and record keeping”

Scott Sanders

President and CEO of BrightLeaf Homes

Remodelers wield it

Remodelers can share specific details about renovations being made in Daily Logs. As the project moves forward, updates are made in platform to show clients how renovations are coming along.

Paul McManus of McManus Kitchen and Bath uses Buildertrend as a selling point when he presents to clients in their showroom. He describes his process of keeping clients up to date, which includes two Daily Log entries every day.

Clients are continuously impressed when they have access to updates.

Specialty contractors require it

Specialty contractors, like outdoor landscapers, have multiple projects happening at once – often many more than a home builder or remodeler. It’s a lot to juggle, and they need to know if their work is compromised when they aren’t on site.

Luke Stokes of Allstate Landscape used Daily Logs to prevent a costly bill. He drove past a site in progress and noticed construction equipment sitting on top of a flower bed his company was working on. Luke took a picture and uploaded it to Buildertrend.

When the client came back to Luke after the plants died, he used the photo as evidence to prevent a costly dispute.

Home builders need it

Being a home builder requires you to keep track of every detail about the job. Daily logs provide clients a snapshot of the progress being made and catalog all of the activities on the job site.

Paul Ledet of CLH Builds uses Daily Logs and the Customer Portal together to satisfy client questions. Without picking up the phone or setting up a meeting, clients can log into the portal and see the work being completed through Daily Logs.

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The benefits of daily logs in construction

There are several benefits to construction daily logs, including easy recording, sharing with clients and reviewing job info from anywhere. Read on to learn more.


Generate professional and personalized updates to clients

As a business owner, one of your best lead generators is simply word of mouth. When you provide an experience that exceeds expectations, clients are more likely to recommend you.

Using Daily Logs clarifies a lot of questions before they’re asked. When you update a daily log with photos and status reports, you’re saved from surprise phone calls and meetings. If you do choose to meet with a client regularly, you have a tangible report to show how the work is coming along.


Submit, store and review crucial job info – anywhere, anytime

Regardless of where you are, you and your crew can update progress of your work from any device. Doing so allows you to keep everyone on the same page. Imagine a storm caused damage that requires maintenance. You can make a note in Daily Logs to explain the delay.

After you’ve made an update, you can notify your crew, subs and clients. Some updates aren’t worth mentioning to clients, so you can choose to keep those notes internal among your crew. Either way, it creates a log that can be revisited at any time.


Collaborate between your crew and subs, as well as the field and office

Without up-to-date information about the project, your crew and subs can’t perform their job. It’s even worse if the information is gained from a secondhand source. Daily logs keep all of your updates from being mistranslated and clearly communicated.

This way you can ensure everyone on your team knows the status of work. Office managers and foremen can remain on the same page without having the need to set up meetings to discuss how work is progressing.


Record every detail, every day

Not a day goes by without an entry. You can look back to the start of the project to see what materials are still being ordered before ground is broken. This level of detail allows you to properly forecast potential delays in the schedule.

When you’re getting ready for the day, you can sit down and see all the work that’s been completed, in progress or on hold. With Daily Logs, you’ll have a written record to identify problem areas and take action to solve them.

Learn about proactive client communication with R.B. Gallup of Gallup & LaFitte

What’s included in a construction daily log?

Construction daily logs include a snapshot of what happened at the job site. Entries can include a variety of updates relevant to business owners, clients or crew members. In any shape or form, all the updates are meant to clarify the work.

Site attendance

Keep track of everyone who visited the job site including crew members, clients and subs.


As work is being completed, upload photos or videos into the Daily Log. Doing this allows clients to see the full picture of what’s going on with their build each and every day.


Did severe weather, low supplies or no shows hold up your progress? Detail what held you up and even describe how you plan on moving forward

Completed work

Once all is said and done, show off the work you’ve finished. Check off those boxes and display the effort your crew has put into the build.

Job details

Not every job progresses the same, and your crew might need to regularly double check details for the work. Those status updates save your crew from blowing up your phone.

Site conditions

Without leaving the office, owners will always know what’s going on at the job site. If you see something that requires your attention in person, make a note in the Daily Logs and explain the purpose of your visit.

Safety report

You want to make sure your crew members can perform their job in a safe environment. Keeping a history of events shows your crew how dedicated you are to their safety.

Materials and equipment used

Materials run low and tools can get lost. Create an entry in the Daily Log describing where tools are used or when supplies need to be restocked.

Daily huddles lead to efficient teams, safer job sites and instant problem-solving.

Why choose Buildertrend construction management software to keep your team, clients and subs informed?

Buildertrend construction management software’s Daily Logs cuts back the number of meetings you have in a week.

With a single source of truth that anyone can access, you won’t have to take time away from building to talk about progress. Clients are no longer requesting updates because progress is detailed right in the platform.

Imagine if you went to the airport and there wasn’t a list of flights in and out. Without Daily Logs, you’re flying blind and hoping for the best. This is the tool you need to clear your path for a smooth landing.

How daily logs work

Daily logs are the records of everything relevant that happened on a job site each day. They’re the evidence of what’s been completed, who worked on what, the site conditions and what equipment or materials were used.

Daily reporting is critical for keeping everyone from the field to the office up to date on what’s happening at each construction job site. They can help protect your business from legal issues and prevent delays.

Typically, your foreman, superintendent or project manager is responsible for recording the daily logs.

When you use a construction management software, like Buildertrend, all your logs are stored and organized online for easy access.

Yes. Subs should be encouraged to fill out daily logs for their contractors to help strengthen the relationship and prevent miscommunication. Read our blog to learn more about how your subs can create daily logs in our platform.

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