For the home builders who want to run their business – not let it run them

Leave work at the job site knowing Buildertrend’s construction management software has it covered.

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Benefits of residential construction software

Keep all job details in one place

Ditch the pen and paper, multiple spreadsheets and smudged whiteboards. Spend less time on administrative work, so you can go back to impressing clients.

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Involve your client in the building process

Is your phone constantly ringing with clients wanting updates? Through an online portal, Buildertrend keeps clients in the loop every step of the way. Your phone will be silent – and so will client’s worries of never knowing where their project stands.

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Avoid surprise delays and costly errors

Building a home is a massive undertaking, and it can be easy to overlook details. Buildertrend’s home builder software documents and tracks every change order, invoice and selection.

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Run every job site efficiently

Monitor work progress through Buildertrend’s Schedule feature and stick to your timelines. Finish jobs in the timely manner your clients expect.

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stay on top of the schedule

An award-winning platform built to unleash the full potential of every construction team

Features that help our custom builders succeed


Use multiple views like a Gantt chart or day-to-day to keep all jobs on track. Adjust timelines and notify everyone at the tips of your fingers.


Never question what’s next. Assign work to your crew and set reminders for your clients.

Daily Logs

Have a single source of truth for all activity during a build. Update your team, subs and clients with important information.

Time Clock

Clock in and out from a mobile device. Keep track of how much time your team is working and where they’re clocking in with geofencing capabilities.

Change Orders

Change happens – and it affects work. Create, track and approve change orders online. Speed up approval with electronic signatures and online payments.


Avoid a shaky start with accurate cost and material estimation from integrated digital takeoff. Win more bids and impress clients with a strong construction estimate.


Decrease overages and help your clients stay on budget during the selections process.


Picking out different materials and fixtures is exciting but can also be overwhelming. Use the Selections feature to keep clients engaged during the process.

Purchase Orders

Track invoices, purchase order status and approvals on one platform. Subs can approve scope of work and payment terms all online.

Hear from residential builders using Buildertrend

It’s not if mistakes will happen – it’s when. One of the biggest returns on investment for us is being able to manage those mistakes.
Joe Christensen
Cardinal Crest Homes, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Joe Christensen headshot
There’s a significant decrease in issues and a significant increase in positivity and traffic from clients.
Elaine Keating
Knez Homes, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Buildertrend really lined up with our service and has allowed us to catch client changes early on, so we’re not incurring any further costs.
Ryan Jenkins
Tass Construction, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Ryan Jenkins headshot
Clients like to have all the information, especially with the horror stories that are out there. Buildertrend has helped us with that next level of communication and building trust with our clients.
Rebecca Remick
City Homes, Edina, Minnesota, USA
Rebecca Remick headshot
A plumber we work with said he prefers us because of Buildertrend. He forgets to send out invoices when the job is done, but with Buildertrend, purchase orders are connected to the completion of a job – and now he gets paid quicker.
Nick Scroggs
Scroggs Construction Services, Swannanoa, North Carolina, USA
Nick Scroggs headhsot

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Frequently asked questions

Buildertrend simplifies home building. With construction management software, all the day-to-day administrative work like keeping track of timelines or updating clients is performed on a single platform. This removes the need to have spur of the moment calls or wonder what’s next. All information is readily available.

Yes. Using features like Customer Portal or Daily Logs, you can invite clients to see what’s being worked on. In the portal, clients can see progress notes, photos and send or receive messages. You and your client are always on the same page throughout the build.

Yes. You can invite subcontractors into the platform with their own sub account. Your subs can be given access to documents relevant to the project. If any changes are made impacting their schedule, they’ll be automatically notified from the platform. Ask your subs to download the Buildertrend mobile app, too. This way, they can also confirm whether they’ve received the schedule change from the app.

You’ll receive full support of a Buildertrend team member to onboard you and your crew. Your support team will help set up your account with data entry and build out your platform, so it looks and feels like an extension of your business. Try out Buildertrend for 30 days. If you aren’t happy, you’ll receive your money back – guaranteed.

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