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Take the guesswork out of project management with WIP software

Stop losing track of complicated project timelines, milestones and task completion. Instead, learn how our platform helps you manage the progress of multiple projects, allocate resources effectively and maintain quality control. Plus, gain insights to help you make better decisions for jobs now – and into the future.

Work in progress reporting product UI

WIP software provides real-time data on each project’s financial status

With its work-in-progress (WIP) software features, Buildertrend makes it easy for contractors and clients to improve the efficiency, accuracy and overall success of their construction projects.

Using WIP software, construction professionals can gain real-time visibility into project status, financials, schedules and more, making it easier to monitor multiple construction projects at once. It also provides improved cost control through better resource allocation, cost control and accurate budget tracking.

With Buildertrend, builders can work to keep their teams, subcontractors, vendors and clients on the same page throughout every step of the construction process.

Buildertrend featureWhat it does
Budget trackingBreak down your project budget, including the original budget, approved change orders, additional expenses and adjustments to understand if a project is under, on or over budget.
Billing and invoicingReview billing and invoicing information, including total invoiced amount, outstanding payments and invoice summaries.
Schedule and timelineTrack key milestones and individual tasks, view agendas and workday expectations, and manage calendars.
Change ordersView change orders related to a project, including status, costs and approval status.
Contact managementKeep track of your contact details, including subcontractor scope of work and payment status.
ReportingGain a detailed, exact summary of a project’s status. Generate WIP cash reports and accrual reports to quickly understand performance, percent to completion and financial health.
Lexar Homes custom home builder in the Pacific Northwest

“This home builder software gives us a real transparent view. We can log in, pull specific projects and see how healthy that job is.”

Bob Hollis

Owner/President, Lexar Homes

Know your precise bottom line and forecast future profits with Buildertrend WIP reports

$1,000+ Saved per year

Save thousands per year with accurate expense tracking and client invoicing.

100% Visibility

Track your progress visually, including sharing and storing photos of project progress.

Win more business

Manage simultaneous projects even as you procure more business.

Why construction companies use Buildertrend for WIP tracking

There’s a reason Buildertrend is the leading residential construction project management software trusted by home builders, remodelers and specialty contractors. Not all software can offer drill-down details into every aspect of your construction projects – Buildertrend can.

Here are some key reasons why contractors choose Buildertrend’s WIP software to manage every part of the construction process.

Cost Control
Work in progress reporting product UI

Improved financial health

15.7% of contractors report cost overruns as the biggest challenge in terms of running projects. WIP software protects contractors with financial monitoring and budget tracking. That way you can identify potential budget issues early and make timely adjustments.

“There’s no question about it. Our margins have really improved,” said Monty Brock, Managing Partner, DMJ Restorations. “Right now, I would say it’s very rare we don’t hit our targeted margins. It’s because Buildertrend has helped tighten our financial processes.


Immediate project oversight

The key to being able to effectively scale your business for growth is being able to handle multiple projects at once – without sacrificing construction quality. WIP software offers at-a-glance visibility into project timelines, milestones and status tracking.

“We regularly have three-to-four-month projects long occurring at the same time,” said Jason Economos, Director, Beyond Build Constructions. “Buildertrend’s Scheduling tool gives us insight into team’s availability and ensures that jobs are not overlapping.”


Better relationships

You know better than most the complexity of a construction project. Effective collaboration ensures your construction team, subcontractors, vendors and clients can work in harmony. It promotes clear communication, ensuring everyone has access to updated documentation so that questions can be answered faster and more efficiently.

“I find that I am getting fewer questions with the same satisfaction customers expect,” said Paul Ledet, Owner, Chris Ledet Homes. “It’s become a much more pleasant build process because everything is right at their fingertips, whether they’re at work, home or wherever.”  


Accurate insights and analytics

WIP reporting is critical for builders in gaining a real-time understanding of how a project is actually performing. It drills down into finances, progress, projections and more, ensuring you’re making informed decisions at every turn.

“To empower an owner to look at the health of a project and see its financial status before finish, that’s huge,” said James Moen, Founder, Lexar Homes. “The better the reporting, the more we’re able to help them grow and adapt to the shifts in the market.”

Buildertrend’s top construction WIP software features in action

A successful construction project is all about the details. That’s why it’s important to select a software solution that does more than only track the progress of your projects. Buildertrend’s construction company software offers best-in-class features to help you secure more business – and keep your clients happy once you’ve got them.

Sales management

Buildertrend’s sales management software helps construction professionals drive process improvement across sales efforts. It centralizes leads, contacts and communication – in one CRM. From there, you can track and manage potential projects and automate follow-up.

Customer management

Buildertrend’s customer management software provides clients with access to project details, progress updates and an easy method to connect with your project management team. Clients can log in to view project timelines, documents, change orders and billing details, ensuring you can focus more of your attention on the project at hand instead of answering questions 24/7.

Material management

Buildertrend’s material management software simplifies your procurement processes. It allows you to create and manage material orders, track deliveries and monitor your inventory levels, helping ensure materials are available when you need them.

Interested in learning more?

WIP software FAQs

Get answers to the most common construction estimating software questions.

Every person involved in a construction project can benefit from using WIP software. This can include, but isn’t limited to, project managers, subcontractors, procurement specialists, office staff and homeowners.

WIP software is instrumental in proper resource management and allocation. It ensures construction professionals can assign labor, equipment and materials cost-effectively and efficiently.

Buildertrend offers WIP software as a part of its comprehensive construction company software. This includes features dedicated to managing sales, projects, customers, materials and finances – all in one seamless solution tool.