Construction Project Management Software

Keep projects moving on time and on budget

Buildertrend has everything you need to stay organized and push jobs forward. Our project management features help with team collaboration, accurate timelines and real-time reporting.

Buildertrend’s project management features

  • Schedule

    Keep all jobs on track by making adjustments on the go, and by notifying key parties in real time with project scheduling.

  • Daily Logs

    Document and share important project information, progress photos and weather updates between team members, subs and clients with document control.

  • To-Do’s

    Create and assign tasks and checklists to your project team or subs and set automatic reminders.

  • Selections

    Get your clients involved by giving them the ability to choose finishes online and keep track of the project running total.

  • Change Orders

    Create and manage change orders from your phone or the office, and get quick approvals with electronic signatures.

  • Time Clock

    Track your field crew’s hours by allowing them to clock in and out of a job site directly from their phone, and easily run payroll reports in the platform.

  • Warranty

    Manage claims, submit warranty issues and schedule appointments so you can breathe easy knowing your company is protected.


How Buildertrend enables project success


Increase in productivity with construction scheduling software


Hours saved per week setting up new projects


Work procured each year with project management software

Why construction pros need Buildertrend’s project management tools

Simplify project planning

Keep all job details in order and access tools necessary to plan and execute a successful project every time.

Create more accurate timelines

Complete more jobs without missing a beat when you have organized schedules that link together for easy adjustments.

Improve communication

Team members, subs and clients are always kept in the loop with daily progress updates, reminder notifications and electronic approvals.

Perfect your project management with Buildertrend

Software that helps you work simpler. Connect your team, subs and clients in one centralized location – and drive massive growth for your construction business.

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Construction project management software FAQs

Get answers to the most common questions about construction project management software.

Yes. With our new integrations marketplace you can now connect to Outlook, iCal, DropBox and Google Suite.

Yes. The Schedule tool is versatile and can sync with your Google Calendar, iCal or Outlook. It also offers multiple view options including a Gantt chart, day-by-day and phases.

Construction project management software is a technology solution designed to streamline and improve the various aspects of forecasting, planning, executing and monitoring for construction businesses. It assists project managers, contractors and other stakeholders with task management, project progress tracking, resource management and effective communication.

Construction project management solutions facilitate effective subcontractor management by centralizing communication, task assignment, and tracking. It streamlines resource allocation, document management scheduling and coordination, allowing real-time updates and issue resolution. 

The software assesses subcontractor performance, offers mobile accessibility, aids in payment and invoicing, and integrates with other software solutions such as CRMs. This enhances transparency, collaboration, and efficiency between main contractors and subcontractors throughout the entire project.

Yes, many construction project management systems are designed to cater to both large enterprises and small businesses. There are solutions available that offer customizable features and pricing plans, making them accessible for businesses of various sizes.

Yes. Construction project management software like Buildertrend is designed to be versatile and can be used for various types of construction projects, including residential, commercial and specialty work.

Project management software solutions like Buildertrend offer benefits like improved project planning, streamlined communication with stakeholders, enhanced document control, better resource allocation, real-time tracking of progress and increased overall project efficiency.