Pipedrive: Connect to Buildertrend and improve your sales

Manage leads in Pipedrive and easily send client information to Buildertrend at the start of every job – no need to change your workflows.


Enhance lead management

Without the need for tedious double entry, you’ll save time managing sales data by automating the flow of information between platforms.

Save time starting new jobs

No longer waste time waiting on important lead information to start a job. You can get up and running quickly and easily by sending all contact information directly from Pipedrive into Buildertrend.

Improve organization

Don’t let anything slip through the cracks by managing all sales data in one central location.


Package level

Works with all Buildertrend plans

Account permissions

Full admin permissions are required

Type of plan required

A paid subscription to Pipedrive is required

What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a customer relationship management platform designed by salespeople, for salespeople. The software gives construction businesses the tools they need to set up their sales pipeline, track progress on potential deals and automate routine tasks to allow for quicker growth.

The Pipedrive platform helps teams capture more leads, identify their target audience and send email marketing campaigns to reach business goals faster. An award-winning CRM software, Pipedrive has helped businesses generate millions of dollars in sales and significantly grow revenue year over year.


How does the Pipedrive integration work with Buildertrend?

Keep day-to-day processes the same

Your daily workflows don’t have to change. Control leads in Pipedrive and seamlessly send over the information you need into Buildertrend when you need it.

One-time setup

During the integration setup, you’ll decide what types of contacts you want sent to Buildertrend and how they’ll be triggered. Transfers are done automatically after that.

Single-entry lead management

Say goodbye to the dreaded double entry. Input contact information in Pipedrive once, and within five minutes you’ll find it located in your Buildertrend account.


Why connect Pipedrive to Buildertrend?

Buildertrend’s integration with Pipedrive allows construction pros to save valuable time on lead management. Easily attract prospects, close deals and start new jobs all in one central location. Pipedrive’s CRM tools offer everything your team needs for an improved sales process.

Pipedrive screenshot


  1. Log in to your Buildertrend account.
  2. Select Avatar and find Company Settings.
  3. Select the Pipedrive card in Integrations.
  4. Follow instructions to log into your Pipedrive account and complete connection.
  5. You’re all set!

Ready to capture more leads and land better deals?

Log in to your Buildertrend account to get connected to Pipedrive. If you still need a Buildertrend account, schedule a demo with our team to learn more about how we can help calm the chaos in your construction business.

Frequently asked questions about the Pipedrive integration

One-way. With this unidirectional sync, information is sent from Pipedrive to Buildertrend. In the future, this integration will allow for data to sync either direction.

No. It can take up to five minutes to send the information from Pipedrive to Buildertrend.